Secure-EDF   Penetration Testing In Different Way

     XSSYA-- (Cross Site Scripting Scanner & Vulnerability Confirmation )


When Web application Penetration Tester start to scan web site using vulnerability scanners it give him false positive vulnerabilities and that happen because a lot of scanners using the method of request and response the scanner execute the payload and if the response 200 then it's vulnerable in fact that is not enough to confirm the vulnerability and in this case the penetration tester need to confirm it manually Here XSSYA come to Confirm XSS -Cross Site Scripting  Vulnerability without  Using the Browser

XSSYA How IT Works ?

XSSYA work by execute the payload encoded to bypass Web Application Firewall which is the first method  request and response if it respond 200 it turn to Method 2 which search that payload decoded in web page HTML code if it confirmed get the last step which is execute document.cookie to get the cookie

Here a Demo Video for XSSYA

XSSYA Features

* Support HTTPS
* After Confirmation (execute payload to get cookies)
* Can be run in (Windows - Linux)
* Identify 3 types of WAF (Mod_Security - WebKnight - F5 BIG IP)
*XSSYA Continue Library of Encoded Payloads To Bypass WAF (Web Application Firewall)
* Support Saving The Web HTML Code Before Executing

the Payload Viewing the Web HTML Code into the Screen or Terminal




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XSSYA has been added to .

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